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DUALITY, Japanese denim

DUALITY, Japanese denim




Hand dyed (Twice) (Myself) Japanese selvedge denim.

Two concealed zip pockets.

Manually embroidered graphics, took about 12 hours per side.

(Plus another 12 each to redraw and stencil).

Pattern from complete scratch these are a 100% unique piece/ fit/shape that you will not find ANYWHERE (6 Toiles/ practice pieces to get this fit)

These were made to be someone's lifelong grail, they WILL last that long, using the best materials I could find whilst spending maximum time on every single step.

The base materials cost over 300£ I also did several dye tests to make sure I got the dye consistent and perfect. They also took an obscenely long amount of time to make (two months of consistent work and testing on my own). They’re now priced at a premium that you would see at a major fashion house because I believe the construction, quality of materials and design mirror these large brands. I’m not expectin a purchase hence the price.


Inspo : BERSERK- Kentaro Miura - Re drawn and articulated by myself.

Modelled photos on instagram, model is 5,10 for reference wearing heeled boots.

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