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Max Hutton.
Design Portfolio.

(Short Ver.)

First year BA Fashion Design student with a strong interest in sports, movement and utility (Think 2000s Oakley and Tony Spackman's work). Due to my brand/hobby work and various courses, I specialise in all forms of denim, embellishments, advanced repurposing/ upcycling, graphic designs and print. I also have a base of knowledge on fabric properties and the supply chain (garment tech) as well as commercial ring making, rugmaking and pattern cutting (we did a whole project on pattern cutting at Westminster and every subsequent project requires us to fully draft the garments patterns starting from blocks or draping).

Level 4 Garment Technology.


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‘Natural Machine’ Trench coat

Inspired by GUNDAM

Fully sublimation printed inside and out, fully lined and finished with an adjustable waist, zip pockets and oversized collar.

trench coat research.jpg
Gundam Trench Front
Trench Page 2.jpg

Various Denim Works

Starting with the rockabilly subculture and looking into the articulation of armour I created the 'sliced' jeans (Pg 1). The following works are various explorations of different elements within the jeans, such as the manual embroidery or the dye and cut.

denim 1.jpg
DENIM 2.jpg
Denim 3.jpg

Expandable Climbing Shorts


The leg holes widen to allow extra airflow and space for a more 'beefy climber'. Crotch Gusset for flexion, hardware and inside facing for integrity.

Sportswear page research.jpg
Sportswear page.jpg
double spread YEAAAAAA BOIIIII.jpg
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