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Booking Information (Ignore category bar above it is for my fashion work)

I don't tattoo minors, please bring a valid ID to your appointment!

To make booking or inquiries easier please message with this information in order of importance:

     1: If you're interested in flash, a full freedom (make on the day) or custom piece!

        2: What your budget is! More so applies to customs and full freedom pieces.

           3: What kind of placement and Size you're looking for.

(If flash, you can see all my designs through my Instagram story. Just message me with the screenshots. If customs, describe your ideas with some reference photos. I don't copy other artists' works and I only make custom works in my style).

Important info!

Please bring proper attire! Aka don't wear skinny jeans or yoga pants to a thigh tat. I will always protect your modesty but proper clothing will make things a lot easier!

Please come to your appointment well fed and hydrated, well rested and please avoid drinking any more than a glass of wine for at least 24 hours before the session.

Cash Is preferred

Please ask about numbing cream, if its a necessity, your tattoo will come out better if its avoided so please only ask if its essential and you own it yourself!

You are welcome to bring a friend/ support but please let me know at least an hour or two before a session, or ideally upon booking, or the day before!

Being more than 30 minutes late might require a rescheduling on morning appointments where I have a client afterwards!

Tips are not required but always highly appreciated as it helps me make more time to create art :) Alternatively non monetary tips are welcome art and handmade stuff always appreciated!

Deposit info!

Deposits come out of the final tattoo cost, please request deposit instructions after we work out a date and design :)

Please give notice of a date change AT LEAST 24 hours before an appointment, you can also recommend a friend to swap etc if needed. This is because I will still have to turn up to my studio and pay for the other half of my now free day if I cant find a replacement! Exceptions will be made for certain extreme cases as I understand things happen ofc!

Price quotes will not change unless in certain circumstances for example, where you arrive after heavy drinking as it affects the difficulty and quality of the tattoo! It also may mean refusal without a deposit refund as a high blood- alcohol content can cause ya to bleed everywhere. Please do not take over the counter painkillers also as these similarly thin your blood and make it harder to tattoo/ 

Aftercare instructions!

Keep the second skin on over night or for around 24 hours, then let tha baby breatheeeeeee.

Remove it in the shower under warm water, and wash with only unscented antibacterial soap rinse carefully and pat lightly when drying.

Wash morning and night with the same soap and after the third wash start to gently apply Aquaphor or other recommended ointment brands (not Coconut oil or similar). Keep this process up morning and night for the best results (or at least once a day) until you are satisfied and your tattoo has healed.

Keep your fresh tat out of direct sunlight for at LEAST two weeks especially if its a texture piece.

Request a touch up if you feel your tattoo has healed a lot lighter than intended, this will not cost money :)


I quote by a piece by piece basis. The quote depends on the design, size and placement. Always budget-friendly.

If u have any questions just message me on Instagram.


Thank ya for reading!


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